Carbon Fibre Epoxy Resin Repair Kit 75g - carbon fibre included.


Carbon Fibre Epoxy Resin Repair Kit 75G - Small

This carbon Fibre repair kit is suitable for carbon fibre repairs and small mouldings projects, mouldings . The Epoxy resin is provided with a FAST hardener to give you a decent 30-40 mins of working time.

You will only require approx 50ml of mixed Epoxy to fully use the supplied Carbon Fibre- This will leave extra resin for a further GLOSS coat should you wish.

It is ideally suited for carbon fibre repairs such as Car bodywork, fishing poles kayak and canoe race craft.

We include CARBON TAPE ( 220g/Sq M ) - This is 100mm wide and 50cm Length - as this is tape, you get much more stability without the weave becoming mis-aligned.

What You Get.

Epoxy Resin PART A : 50 Grams

Epoxy Hardner PART B : 25 Grams

Carbon Fibre Tape ( 225g/sqM) - 100mm Wide - 50cm Long

Sandpaper Pad - 150 grit

Stirring stick

Disposable brush


Recommended extras you may find useful ( These are NOT included ).

Sharp scissors or sharp knife to cut Carbon Fibre tape.

Kitchen scales - To accurately measure the Resin

Mixing pot - washed and clean yogurt pots or similar work well

Masking tape - optional if masking areas

Heavy duty sandwich bags - can be cut and used to cover a pole repair, also good for masking off areas.

Insulation tape - works really well on poles and best to use sticky side out.

Acetone - degreasing and cleaning

Mixing Ratio : By WEIGHT


For example : for 20g of epoxy resin , add 10g of hardener.

We advise Scales are needed for accurate measuring - Please do not guess this bit.

We provide instructions based on a basic carbon fibre repair - We highly recommend looking at You tube Vids as a good source of instruction, they will show you the steps involved.

SHELF LIFE - 4 Months from Date of purchase.

Weight 0.4kg