Clear Art and Craft Resins

We sell 3 varieties of resin that give a water clear appearance.

Polyester resin is the lowest price resin, well suited for jewellry and castings. It can also be used for coatings and penny tables etc but please note this resin is Very very smelly ( until cured ) and will shrink by approx 5% when it cures.  It is easy to work with and can be easily sanded and polished. It has a  shelf life of 3 months.


Polyester Water Clear Resin Instructions

Epoxy Resin is far less pungent than the polyester resin and only has a slight shrinkage on curing. Good for castings, coatings and wood turning. It is less sensitive to moisture so can be used with wood for coatings and turning.

There are two types we sell both clear.

The EH10 resin can be used with a max pour depth of 10mm, great for coatings and small pieces. thicker depths can be achieved with multiple pours.

The EH50 Deep pour resin can be poured upto 50mm in a single pour, great for deeper castings and deep river tables.


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