Epoxy & Art Resin

Epoxy Resin - is our most popular resin.  It is versatile, robust and ideal for woodturning, casting and coating.  We sell two types for different pour depths. 

  • Optically Clear - polishable to a high gloss 
  • Robust - hardwearing, UV resistant and heat resistant up to 60°C
  • Easy -  2:1 mix ratio by weight

For quick curing : EH10 gives up to 10mm single pour depth with a 24 hour cure time.

For deep pouring : EH50 gives up to 50mm single pour depth with up to 3 days cure time.

Epoxy Repair Resin - suited for use with re-enforcements such as carbon fibre cloth. It has a working time of 60 minutes and will cure overnight.

Art Resin - is an alternative to Epoxy Resin. It is suitable for most art work including canvasses and photos.

  • Optically Clear -  produces a high gloss finish
  • Low Odour -  solvent free
  • Easy -  1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume