Gelcoat Repair Kit - WHITE - 100g - Acetone, Brush, Sandpaper Included


Gelcoat Repair Kit - WHITE - 100g
This White gelcoat repair kit is the ideal kit to repair a damaged gelcoat surface ( the bow of a fibreglass boat for example ).
We supply the extras that allow you to straight on with the project.
What's in the box :
White Gelcoat Repair resin - 100g
Hardener for the above resin.
Acetone - 100ml - preparation and cleaning
Sandpaper - 150 grit
Mixing Stick
Small disposable Brush
Useful extras you might need ( NOT supplied ) .

Disposable gloves

Kitchen scales

Empty plastic pot for mixing ( clean )

Wet and dry paper, polishing and compounding - to finish and polish repair area.


The Repair gelcoat repair has a very powerful smell common to most polyester resins

Typical working time is 15 minutes based at 15 deg - this will be drastically reduced in hot conditions .

The gelcoat repair resin is for a post mould repair - It will cure touch dry - no requirement to cover the repair . ( if gelcoat for use with a mould is required - please see our listings for other gelcoat products )

MIX Ratio is 2% using the supplied hardener- we strongly recommend use of kitchen scales for this - Do not Guess!!!