MEKP Catalyst - Select Size


MEKP Catalyst (Hardener) for Polyester Resin, Gelcoat and Topcoat
Using a 2% mix ratio:
  • 30ml hardener will be sufficient for 1.5KG of resin.
  • 100ml hardener will be sufficient for 5KG of resin.
  • 500ml hardener will be sufficient for 25KG of resin.

MEKP Catalyst is typically used as a polyester resin catalyst, fibreglass catalyst or vinylester resin systems at a ratio of between 1 and 3%, according to the pot-life and cure speed required and the ambient temperature. Always follow the guidelines that accompany your specific resin system.

We of course have tested this hardener on the polyester resin systems we sell, It will work with other polyester systems we advise to do a sample test before undertaking a larger project.

Safety Information
MEKP is a powerful oxidiser and corrosive. Please observe the health and safety data.
Weight 0.03kg