Methylated Spirits ( Mineralised)- Pure


Product Details

This methylated spirit from  is used primarily as a solvent solution to clean your knotted brushes and lint-free cloths after applying a finisher. It can also be used for thinning French polish, and for cleaning other materials, such as glassware.

The spirit emits no odour so you won't have to cover your nose or worry about inhaling hazardous chemicals. It's also a great degreaser for removing tricky fingerprint smudges from surfaces. It doesn't take much product to get all your things squeaky clean, leaving you plenty to keep you going through all your jobs for a while. Although the purple colour can fade over time, the potency of the spirit will not.

• Industrial alcohol
• For general purpose cleaning and thinning of some spirit based paints, french polish, knotting products
• Ideal for cleaning brushes or removing finger print marks
• Odourless
• Mineralised
• Economical in use


Weight 0.9kg